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Covid Procedures

GF Tomlinson Group Limited COVID-19 Summary of Actions

GF Tomlinson Group Limited has worked tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic to protect its employees and the surrounding communities it works in.

The following measures were taken, with continual review and improvement being implemented where and when required:

  1. Reviewing and keeping up to date with reliable sources of information, for example the Government, NHS and Public Health England.
  2. Risk assessments were conducted identifying the variety of hazards associated with the virus and how this affected GFT personnel and external parties across the various projects and operational sites within the Group. Control measures were put in place to reduce the risk level of the hazards identified to as low as reasonably practicable. These risk assessments have been reviewed in line with new information and guidance. Competent people with the relevant knowledge base and experience have been vital throughout this process.
  3. Effective control measures have been implemented and maintained across the business’s active locations. These include but are not limited to:
    1. Review of working practices to ensure social distancing.
    2. Instructional information communicated to all, relevant to their working life.
    3. Improved access to hand washing and sanitising facilities.
    4. Increased cleaning of communal areas.
    5. One-way systems implemented where required.
    6. Remodelling of work zones to ensure social distancing.
    7. Employing instructional signage.
    8. Permits utilised where required.
  4. Protecting employees working from home by providing guidance and advice related to physical and mental health, as well as wellbeing.
  5. Integrating technology, such as Microsoft Teams, into daily working lives to keep people connected and working together safely.

GF Tomlinson Group remains active in keeping people in employment and safe from the virus, through strong teams and effective leadership.