G F Tomlinson
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Principles, Culture & Values

Human Values

Experience holds the future”

When a company has developed for over 100 years they must be doing something right.  But for G F Tomlinson longevity will never mean complacency. G F Tomlinson has as much a future as it has a past.

With time comes change and the construction industry and its associated professions are no exception in the need to continually evolve in order to meet new challenges.

In looking to the future G F Tomlinson’s vision, mission and values focuses the entire organisation’s future aspirations.

G F Tomlinson has involved management and staff at all levels, together with clients, in the creation of the core values. This makes it a real statement of intent and a goal in which everyone connected to the G F Tomlinson brand can aspire to the delivery of measured value added solutions.