G F Tomlinson
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

Our activities touch many aspects of people’s lives and we are committed to carrying out our business with a sense of responsibility for the environment, our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Incorporating all into a single system ensures consistency of supervision, and equality of recognition for each discipline, within the G F Tomlinson organisation.

Delivering a high quality service will always be the primary goal on every project, the Integrated Management System now demands that the same level of attention is paid to the protection of clients’ health & safety and the environment in which they operate.

Our business

G F Tomlinson operations are centred on the needs of the client. Our aim is to deliver total satisfaction.

Our people

We are a people focused business that places great value on our staff, subcontractors, suppliers, clients and the people affected by our work.

Our environment

Our impact on the long-term ecological balance of the locality is something we take very seriously both in the planning, construction and operation stages of all our projects.

Our community

The G F Tomlinson Group has always been sensitive and responsible in our role within the community.

Our vision, values and mission underpin everything we do. Click here to view >>>