G F Tomlinson
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Our Environment

Reducing Impact

Our impact on the long-term ecological balance of the locality is something we take very seriously both in the planning, construction and operation stages of every one of our projects.

We treat all environmental issues seriously and act responsibly in our role as contractor to ensure our procedures are monitored and implemented. Our in-house Environmental Advisors regularly visit our sites to undertake toolbox talks and internal environmental audits.

We operate a BS EN ISO 14001:2015 accredited Environmental Management Systems (EMS), which is audited by UKAS approved BM TRADA and is applied to all sites we undertake.

Included within our EMS is our Environmental Policy that demonstrates our commitment to the protection of the environment in the construction of our works, through the various stages e.g. assessment, procedures, review and audit.

All our employees and sub-contractors are made aware of the Company’s stand on the environment and co-operate fully to reduce/remove any adverse impact.