G F Tomlinson
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Our Community

Considered Approach

The G F Tomlinson Group has always been sensitive to the role it has within the community.

Investing Locally
We respect our duty of care to the locality and work hard to form strong relationships with local supply chains. This is better for us, it’s better for our clients and it encourages the growth of the local economy.

Our people actively show their support in many different ways, from donating time or materials to community based projects to actively participating in local and national initiatives.

We are committed to supporting initiatives that help to develop local job opportunities and we are proactive in recruiting skills from within the communities in which we operate. This is underpinned by our continual investment in apprenticeships, and the promotion of qualifications to attract more highly motivated and ambitious school leavers.

Considerate Contractor
We feel it is vital that all projects are undertaken with a harmonious relationship in evidence between the Contractor, Client and End Users.  To this end we will take all possible steps to ensure we always act in a co-operative and considerate manner, undertaking regular consultations with all parties concerned to minimise disruption and ensure all operations are smoothly implemented.

G F Tomlinson are proud members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme  and our projects adhere to their CCONode of Considerate Practice to ensure our impact on the local area is as positive as possible.


We set the following objectives, targets and action plans for our CSR performance.